Let's Talk Money

About now, I would be saying, "It sounds fantastic but how much is it going to cost me?"

Right. Let's get down to it. After people see the power of search box marketing (having their business suggested when their keywords are entered in a search) the next question is about affordability. The good news is, if you have a local business, it's very affordable and will give you the best possible return on investment. 


Here's how it works:

If you want search box dominance for a keyword or phrase that appears in less than 5,000 searches a month for a specific area, it's $650 per month for each keyword or phrase. We call this "Local". This can equate to an unbelievable amount of traffic for your business. For larger areas, for keywords that appear in more than 5,000 searches a month, or for national dominance we need to get a free quote from our expert geeks based on population and keyword competition. This we call "National".


The second part of the equation is that search box dominance is an exclusive service in which only one client can reserve a keyword in each area, so we need to check to make sure your competition hasn't already reserved the keywords you want for your area.


An example of a local keyword or phrase would be, "office supplies Augusta Maine" or "auto repair Hartford Connecticut". You would get a huge amount of exposure for your business for $650 per month. This can be far, far more cost efficient than PPC. Customers often want more than one option according to the products and services they provide. For instance, the office supply company might also want, "copier supplies Augusta Maine" or "office furniture Augusta Maine". While an insurance agency might want the same keyword for many towns. This would still be local; it would simply be considered a separate keyword phrase like, "life insurance Princeton New Jersey" and "life insurance Perth Amboy New Jersey". You would pay the same price of $650 for each keyword phrase. 


An example of a national keyword or phrase would be without the city or area such as, "home security systems" and this would be for a company that can service all of the US. It can also be used for ecommerce. Let's say you have a product you can distribute nationally and you want to be ahead of your competition in selling this product. You could reserve the keyword "XYZ customized water filters" or "Dr. Joe's Dental Instruments". These types of phrases need a quote because we need to know how many monthly searches there would be. 


Cost Per Result

Unlike other forms of marketing, with Search Box Dominance you're not shooting in the dark. We have a one-time charge to reserve the keywords, the same amount as if the service was up and running. Then you are not charged again until you're getting results. That is, your business is showing up when people enter your keywords in a search. We even charge half price if your business is coming up on one search engine and not the other. This way, you're only paying for results. Have you ever heard of any marketing like this? Not likely!

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